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Thread: No album art

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    No album art

    I'm a new dbpoweramp user. I'm creating FLAC files on a Western Digital MyCloud NAS. My first ten rips are fine with the exception of album art. There's no album art when reading most or all of these tracks.
    * The problem is erratic/intermittent. The greatest likelihood of album art appearing successfully is on the last track of an album.
    * The problem occurs regardless of whether I opt for the artwork chosen by dbpoweramp from the Internet or whether I select album art from a file.
    * The problem occurs regardless of the album file size that I select.
    * I'm using dbpoweramp's default settings: "folder.jpg." The JPEG file looks fine.
    * I experience the problem regardless of whether I'm reading the display on my music streamer, the display on the streamer's smartphone control app, or the Twonky interface on the NAS.
    * The problem occurs when I switch from FLAC to MP3 (just testing to see if I can produce album art successfully under any circumstances).
    * In short, It looks to me that the problem resides in the creation of the FLAC files. I'm hoping that the solution is a configuration adjustment and not a software defect.

    I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced a similar problem and what you did to fix it.

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    Re: No album art

    The issue is almost certainly Twonky related, do a search around and you will find many posts on this.

    folder.jpg is the artwork direct from the internet, it would be hard for us to mess this up, as we save the data, 1:1

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