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Thread: ID Tags soooo sloooow

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    ID Tags soooo sloooow

    I have a relatively fast computer. (i7-3.6GHz, 8gb Ram) but I find ID Tags so painfully slow. Every time I make a change the whole thing basically stops like an old man who's lost his breath, and I wait, and wait sometimes minutes for EACH field that I change. The reason I make the changes is for any music that I take to my truck stereo which has some ridiculous tag-using system. (It gets everything muddled up.)

    A- Shouldn't it wait until I've made all the changes needed per album instead of starting the process after each field has been altered?
    B- Is it normal that ID Tags doesn't allow access to my hidden Windows Taskbar unless I press the WIN Button? or Alt-Tab between the running programs

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    Re: ID Tags soooo sloooow

    Where are your files stored? what format are they?

    You are editing a single album at a time? (not all tags for a certain artist?)

    If the taskbar is hidden then PerfectTUNES will start overlapping the taskbar.

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