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Thread: What will PerfectTUNES handle

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    What will PerfectTUNES handle

    I'm about to purchase PerfectTUNES but have a few questions first, not sure what the best venue for that is so please let me know if I should be putting this elsewhere.

    I want a program to organize my music collection without altering my present file structure. I really need to add and edit a lot of ID tags. Most of my files are high res created from vinyl without many tags. Some have tags created by my brother using JRiver (don't get me started on how much I hate that software, or at least what he's used it for!). All in all there's about 2.5 TB of music, roughly 35,000 files in some 4200 folders. I've not yet tried PerfectTUNES but I'm wondering if I should try to import everything at once, or perhaps do it piecemeal- my folder structure organizes the music by genres, and within genres by the main artists name. Lastly, will PerfectTUNES handle a collection of this size efficiently? I'm really not sure what to expect as I pretty much just use the Windows Explorer and treat the folders the way I used to treat my vinyl albums.

    For playback I mostly use Logitechs Squeezebox which streams the music via a device known as the Squeezebox Touch which does a pretty nice job though it's no longer sold or supported. I will have to replace it one of these days so wonder about that too.

    Thanks- I'm a huge fan of dBpoweramp and it's ability to batch convert and preserve name and folder structures of large amounts of music with ease. A lot of vinyl has been ripped to wav by my brother and I really don't think it's necessary to dedicate that much space to storage!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Butch in WV, USA

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    Re: What will PerfectTUNES handle

    PerfectTUNES is ideal for tagging files separated into album folders, it allows for very quick efficient entry of data.

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