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Thread: Batch Script - Ripping from Disc Image Files

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    Batch Script - Ripping from Disc Image Files

    Hey all. I'm not much of a programming/scripter type.

    I have for years always used Slysoft's CloneCD to make a Disc Image (.img) of every CD I buy before filing the disc away. I've been encoding with WinAmp until now in 192kbps MP3.

    I want to re-rip everything into FLAC for inhouse and mp3 for portable players. Doing it as an initial FLAC rip and later in a batch MP3 conversion is fine.

    I can use Slysoft's Virtual CloneDrive to load the virtual discs by command line. I was hoping to find a reliable and decent quality program I could similarly use the command prompt to rip the loaded disc, preferably with cover art and MP3 tags.

    With both parts in command line I can likely figure out a reasonably good PowerShell script to pull in the path to all disc image files and use a loop to load, rip, eject - rinse and repeat.

    I was going to try and use MediaMonkey but can't figure out if it can do it. I don't think it can rip by command line.

    Can I do that with either dBPowerAmp or the Batch processor?

    Please advise.

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    Re: Batch Script - Ripping from Disc Image Files

    You could download the trial version of dBpoweramp Music Converter, mount the .img file and try and rip it in CDRipper. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to determine the answer.

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    Re: Batch Script - Ripping from Disc Image Files

    The command line version of dBpoweramp would have no metadata sorry.

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    Re: Batch Script - Ripping from Disc Image Files

    Note that the .img file has all the errors that the rip might have had. dBpoweramp's secure ripping functionality will not help you to re-rip. (If it verifies by AccurateRip, you are just fine though.)

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