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Thread: Copy and Paste

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    Copy and Paste

    I've noticed that copying and pasting doesn't seem to work in Album Edit Mode (ID Tags). I can highlight, say, an Artist's Name, but when I press Ctrl-C, I get a "Warning" sound, and when I try to paste it into the Album Artist or Composer field, nothing happens (except for the same "Warning" sound). Edit: I'm referring to the "global" tags at the top of the window, not the track-specific tags - copy/paste works fine there.

    Is there a reason why copy/paste are not supported?

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    Re: Copy and Paste

    ...to add to this: It would be nice if PerfectTunes allowed for pasting album art from the clipboard as well (in addition to "Choose from internet" and "Load from file"), like CD Ripper already does

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    Re: Copy and Paste


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