Morning Guys

Firstly thanks again for a fantastic product.

Hope you can maybe assist with the below:

I recently updated my Naim Unitilite to the latest firmware.
Since then I started having dropouts when streaming from the NAS to the Hifi using Asset UPNP. It will play a bit and then stop for a few seconds then start playing again, but most of the time the stream stops completely and I have to press play again to start the stream, so much so that i find it unusable at present. All my devices are wired.

I then logged into my QNAP and saw there was a new QTS Release available, so updated that firmware too - Made no Difference.
I then checked Asset and realised R4.5 is available - Again Installed it with no difference in the dropouts.

I did quite a few tests and found this only happens when streaming lossless (WAV, ALAC, FLAC) files (CD Quality only I don't have Hi-Res).
MP3's have no issue.
Asset was configured to convert FLAC to WAV on the fly but I turned this off with no difference in the result either.

I put it down to the Naim Update and have contacted their support for further investigation. I am wondering though if their update may have opened some compatibility issues with the way Qnap handles UPNP or the UPNP software itself. I will also post this to QNAP Support as it seems at this point no matter what UPNP I use on the QNAP (Asset,Twonky, Multimedia Station) the same issue persist.

I wanted to make you aware of this in the hope that you may be able to assist from a Asset UPNP angle too.

Thanks in advance!