Huge internal update, faster, sleeker. DSD supported, as well as extended search.

Change Log:

New database design, faster at indexing, browsing albums
Upstream art uses compilation artist, but will replace with non-compilation later
Does not remove files from database when the whole location missing (such as nas share down)
Compilation albums corrected to not show as Various Artists
Now compiled on VS 2013
Code Signed Components
Now uses persistent browse ids (even if asset is restarted)
Asset Configuration >> Added 'Configuration Folder: Open in Explorer'
When browse file & folders, if have folder.jpg or cover.jpg then present for folder
Inbuilt 40 second scanning delay removed
Does not scan @Recycle folder
DSD handling: 'as is' sends untouched audio/x-dff or audio/x-dsf. 'as Wav' decodes the DSD to PCM. 'as DoP' embeds the DSD bitstream into a WAVE file, requires a DoP compatible DAC, only DSD64 files are supported
Able to select more network shares in the browse library dialog
Icons for artist, genre, etc main menu items. The images can be found in the AssetImages folder where Asset is installed
AAC Radio Stations added, some 320kbps AAC streams out there
Streaming Decoder rewritten, big improvements on marginal radio and WASAPI streaming, also should be more able to resist heavy load on server
Search handled correctly
Dynamic browsing added [List Albums]
Faster database access
Album listing added new [Shuffle Tracks] entry
If an album is compilation then album view will not show any compilation artist as album artist, unless an artist has been browsed higher up the tree

Bug Fix

Album Artist would not appear in sorted and unsorted location
If add a new lib folder, then asset is restarted so picks up (for file and folder browsing)
Was possible to have multiple assets running after install
Fix for stalled socket potential resource leak

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