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Thread: Asset R4.5 for OS X, Debian, Pi, QNAP

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    Asset R4.5 for OS X, Debian, Pi, QNAP


    • Fixed multiple internet radio handling bugs
    • [ Raspberry, QNAP x19 / x31 ] enabled Opus decoding and LAME encoding
    • Attempted fix for total failure to index media on some systems
    • Excluded @Recycle folder from scanning
    • Fixed wrong browse results when multiple containers have the same name ( eg. multiple "greatest hits" albums)
    • Fixed handling of control point overrides
    • Improved MP3 ID3v2.3 compatibility with foobar2000-written tags (multiple artists)
    • Fixed rescan glitches when some files have been modified (but no added/removed)
    • Reduced memory usage when indexing large cover art pictures
    • All QNAP Models supported, moved to single install
    • OS X moved to DMG install
    • OS X: Asset now properly remembers network share paths and remounts them on startup if necessary.

    Download from:


    or for Registered users:

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    Re: Asset R4.5 for OS X, Debian, Pi, QNAP

    QNAP users:

    If Asset R4.5 fails to find your media files, please install the R4.5.1 beta version which addresses compatibility issues with certain new QNAP models:
    Asset R4.5.1 beta
    If you're a registered user, installing beta over registered will retain the registration status

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