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Thread: Security Software Mishaps

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    Security Software Mishaps

    The following lists security software which is not performing as it should, that is blocking legitimate programs (such as dBpoweramp) from running. There is nothing we can do on our side, we produce legitimate software, virus free for the last 20 years, never once have we supplied a virus, Trojan, spyware with any of our programs.

    Over the years security software have even blocked core components of Windows from working, despite these components being installed on 100's of millions of PCs....having been in the business for a long time, we are seeing a trend that more and more components of our software are being detected as a false positive, this is because real viruses have become harder to detect (they mutate on each infection, so that the anti-virus program has to detect a virus with very loose characteristics), the issue is as time goes on anti-virus software will block more and more legitimate software, it is getting close to the time where anti-virus software is becoming useless.

    If your program is blocked by one of the below programs, submit the affected component to your Anti-virus software company so that they can update their software.
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