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Thread: Add custom tags to browse tree on Linux

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    Add custom tags to browse tree on Linux


    I'm trying to add a custom tag like described in the sticky.

    I've added a line "keyword,3,INTEGER" to MediaDatabaseFieldsv4.txt, restarted and rescanned the whole library, but I can't find a 'Keyword entry in the dropdown when editing the browse tree.
    Searching in the forum it reads to me as the tag name has to be entered in the dropdown on windows, even though it's not listed there.
    In the web-based configuration of the linux version there seems to be no such possibility to enter a non-listed item (or I simply can't find it)...

    Will I have to add that manually to the browse tree in a config file?

    Thanks, Tobi

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    Re: Add custom tags to browse tree on Linux

    It would not be in the drop down box, you would have to add manually.

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