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Thread: folder conversion requests

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    folder conversion requests

    This applies to the music converter as well as the batch converter.

    1) Could the converter copy the folder.jpg into the destination folder? To make things consistent and tidy I'm having to manually copy it and reset the folder icon each time I convert from wav to 4ma for my iPod/iTunes. Or it could extract it from one of the files' ID-tag?

    2) Could it also allow for dynamic destination folder naming (or am I doing it wrong?). Particularly the [album artist] or [artist] root folder - if I convert a compilation it converts into the album artist folder (ie various artists) but if this doesn't exist it doesn't then look at the [artist] instead, so creates a folder for the album only without an artist parent. Can it be smart and do this, like dBpoweramp CD ripper does? Otherwise if I forget to change the destination name it goes awry between the two, especially if I convert a compilation after a 'normal' album - I end up with a directory for each artist track(s)!

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