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Thread: Copying / Cloning entire CD but in Secure Rip mode

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    Copying / Cloning entire CD but in Secure Rip mode

    Here's the scenario. I have some CD's that are physically damaged that need to be replaced so I figure the easiest way to fix the problem is to copy the entire disc. Problem is the disc damage is too much for disc cloner software like Nero or Roxio to handle but dBpoweramp CD Ripper in Secure Mode manages to copy all of the tracks albeit after numerous passes but it does eventually make it. However I don't want a collection of tracks in wavefile format, I want the original track spacing and timing to all be present as well, so is there a way (that I haven't been able to find online) to copy an entire CD but do so using the Secure Mode thus ending up with a "pristine" duplicate of the damaged disc? I found the "Rip As One" function but all it seems to do is create one huge single wavefile merging all of the tracks into a single wavefile which his not what I want as the tracks need to be saved as individual files for each track. If I just Secure Rip all of the tracks then burn them all to a blank recordable CD-R, I lose the track spacing and continuity of the original album so I need a "copy entire disc" cloning mode/method. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Copying / Cloning entire CD but in Secure Rip mode

    If I rip a disk to individual tracks and play them back, the spacing of the original disk is preserved (if the disk is gapless, e.g., dark side of the moon or abbey road, the ripped files remain gapless on playback. This would be true of WAV, FLAC, lame(mp3), etc. So the issue is not likely with the files themselves. Rather, I suspect there is some spacing being artificially added by the CD Writer you are using. Some of these automatically add 2 second gaps between tracks. Sometimes this is adjustable in the CD Writer setting. What program are you using to write back to CDR?

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    Re: Copying / Cloning entire CD but in Secure Rip mode

    See the cue sheet image codec in the testing section of this forum.

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