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Thread: Search Function & Track Title Bug

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    Search Function & Track Title Bug

    Hi Illustrate,

    I'm implementing a Control Point feature that invokes a Search action on the ContentDirectory service.

    I've noticed that when the '[track *] - [title] for album tracks' option is enabled in Asset, I get strange results when invoking a Search:

    Let's say that Asset has given the Control Point a MusicTrack object with <dc:title>trackTitle</dc:title>.

    If the Search action is invoked with SearchCriteria of 'dc:title = "trackTitle" and upnp:class = "object.item.audioItem.musicTrack", Asset returns zero results. It seems it can't find the track if the track number is inserted at the front of the title, even though that is exactly the title that Asset itself supplied.

    This isn't a problem when '[track *] - [title] for album tracks' is disabled.

    Would there be any chance of a fix for this being done soon?

    Thanks & best regards,

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    Re: Search Function & Track Title Bug

    We will test for this next time we are working on Asset R4.2

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