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Thread: PerfectTUNES Version Changes [Windows]

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    PerfectTUNES Version Changes [Windows]

    PerfectTUNES R1.5

    The main update is to AccurateRip which is more efficient (if there are AR Tags), and Album Art can search more art.


    DeDup able to display large numbers of duplicates (previously would close)
    DeDup more accurate at detecting duplicates
    Album Art is able to search more art from internet
    Album Art now has a maximum size (KB) option
    Album Art: if have artist as Beetles, The then remove ', the' on manual Fix
    mp3 will update id tag from v1 to v2 if embedding art

    AccurateRip can now check incomplete albums (or non lossless) if previously ripped with dBpoweramp (and has AccurateRipResult tag)
    AccurateRip better able to detect errors
    AccurateRip indicates 'Track Not Present in AccurateRip' in technical log

    Bug Fixes

    Accuraterip - was removing (xxx) from album title which could blend 2 albums together.
    m4a decoder crash
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