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Thread: Install Help

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    Install Help

    A while ago my son replaced the PC in our office. He did not replace the DB Power Amp program. I found a copy of the .exe file on a memory stick and installed. Then it told me to upgrade which I did. The order * is <edited>. After install the icon/short cut to run the program is not present. I cannot run the program, all I get is a help page and links to this forum etc. Had trouble finding a contact us link, was directed to the forum to post questions...seems very strange. At the bottom of this page is a contact us link which does not work (404 message). Such a nice product, yet so much confusion...If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not a computer geek lol.

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    Re: Install Help

    I would reinstal using the latest registered install, Re-issue registered version of dBpoweramp can be downloaded from this page:


    (clicking the above link from your email program might not open the link, copy and paste it into the title bar).

    Enter your Order reference / receipt number when asked, a download link is then presented.

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