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Thread: Convert / Rip from .CUE sheet support

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    Convert / Rip from .CUE sheet support

    I have several full albums in FLAC format (one long FLAC file) with supporting .CUE sheets. I'd like to use the file's .CUE sheet to create albums of individual tracks (in FLAC format) and also to convert the FLAC to individual tracks in MP3 and other formats. I can't find a way to do this in dBpoweramp 14.4 - it can't "see" .CUE files to start with. Am I missing something? If not, will this support be added in future a release? Thanks!

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    Re: Convert / Rip from .CUE sheet support

    dBpoweramp does not support reading from cue files, sorry.

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    Re: Convert / Rip from .CUE sheet support

    Any update on CUE sheet support? I ripped a few albums but can't now convert to MP3 without round-tripping with foobar2000.

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    Re: Convert / Rip from .CUE sheet support

    i use daemon for mounting the thing as audio cd, rip it, profit.

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