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Thread: Converting aac to m4a

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    Converting aac to m4a

    dBpoweramp tells me to install an AAC decoder when I want to encode an AAC file to M4A.

    Error converting to [aac to m4a], '<somefile>.aac' to '<somefile>.m4a'
       Error: Unable to load decoder for file type '.aac', codec not installed? visit 'Codec Central'.  [dBCoreConverter::dBCoreConverter]
    But this link http://www.dbpoweramp.com/codec-central-m4a.htm tells me that dBpoweramp comes with an AAC decoder as standard.


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    Re: Converting aac to m4a

    If you read that carefully, you'll note that the ALAC and AAC decoders are included as standard. The ALAC encoder is standard, but the AAC encoder is not. You need to install the Nero AAC encoder if you want to encode AAC files.

    Note: Just re-read your post....now it makes me wonder if there might be an installation issue? Perhaps aac-> m4a was an "Install on demand" option. Spoon will weigh in, methinks....
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    Re: Converting aac to m4a

    We will look into this,

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