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Thread: Static at end of *.wav files streamed to Sony BDP-S390 from Synology NAS

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    Static at end of *.wav files streamed to Sony BDP-S390 from Synology NAS

    I ripped my entire CD collection to a Synology DS1511+ NAS as both *.wav and *.flac files using the ripping methodology posted at Computer Audiophile.


    Files play without any issues using Windows Media Player on a PC wired to the network, and streaming to a Logitech Squeezebox radio.

    I recently purchased a Sony Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player (BDP-S390) so that I could stream music from my NAS to an audio receiver in another portion of the house.

    The Blu-ray player connects to the network, finds and plays the files, but at the end of each *.wav file there is a BLAST of static. This only occurs with *.wav files, not *.mp3 (not created using dBpoweramp software). The Blu-ray player does not support *.flac files.

    I have gone through the highest level of support with Sony. I have sent them a sample *.wav file created with dBpoweramp to play on their test equipment. That file produced the same BLAST of static in their test environment. Apparently, they also purchased a copy of dBpoweramp, and ripped their own CDs to *.wav files, and experienced the same effect.

    I have ruled out the files, the network, the NAS and the Blu-ray player. At this point, dBpoweramp is the only piece of the process that could be producing this issue. The files are unlistenable on the Blu-ray player, and I really do not want to re-rip my CD collection (but I will if that is what it takes).

    Any support would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to include all the details. I have been struggling with this for 4 months.

    M Edwards

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    Re: Static at end of *.wav files streamed to Sony BDP-S390 from Synology NAS

    It is the fact that ID Tags are written to the wave file, and sony do not read the wave file as per Microsofts specifications (the poorly written players assume everything after the initial header is audio data, when wave files are made up from chunks, dbpoweramp writes the id tags + art to a chunk at the end of the file, which should not be read by the player as audio...)

    You can either wait for sony to fix, or remove the metadata from the wave file.

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    Re: Static at end of *.wav files streamed to Sony BDP-S390 from Synology NAS

    Thank you for the prompt response. The information you provided makes complete sense.

    I have cross posted this information in the Sony Community forum.


    It would be helpful if Sony would embrace the industry specifications. I will post any responses from that forum here. Thanks again.

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    Re: Static at end of *.wav files streamed to Sony BDP-S390 from Synology NAS

    I'd contacted Sony a few months back with the same complaint (BDP-S590). They blamed the conversion software. I was working to prove otherwise before posting anything... but then recently found it also to occur on Sandisk's Sansa Clip+ (though to much lesser degree, on the original Clip). Excellent post thanks.

    * Hallmarks of my experience:
    - Not related to NAS. I was just using a USB dongle.
    - Occurs on all outputs of the unit. (I knew this would be the case, the point is they will start by troubleshooting/blaming the amp, your external equipment, etc. so you may have to jump through these hoops to convince ___ support)
    - ultimately, they did not offer any fix. I'll check out the sony thread to see if it is progressing anywhere.
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