I am having a problem with my Hi Fi system streaming FLAC folders. I suspect the is a problem is the Asset Settings

Here is a run down of my system:

Media Server: Laptop connected wireless to network. Running Asset Upnp. Music downloaded to separate music folder. Mp3 format & FLAC. (Mp3 will play.)
Control Point: Ipad running N-stream.
Media Renderer: Naim Uniqute. (Audio Formats Supported by Uniqute: Internet radio (Windows Media-formatted content, MP3 Streams, MMS), Playlists (M3U, PLS), MP3, AAC (up to 320kBit/s, CBR/VBR), Windows Media-formatted content-9 (up to 320kBit/s), FLAC and WAV (up to 32bit/192kHz via UPnP and USB only), OGG Vorbis)

I understand that the Uniqute does not search my music library, rather it only plays the folders that Asset puts out. This is why I suspect the problem is with Asset set up.

I have checked advanced settings on Asset to ensure that FLAC is not excluded.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.