I have started ripping my classical CD's and have noticed some quality issues with Sontata data.

I am only about 20 CDs in but in that time I have noticed:
One CD where the main artists name was incorrectly spelled (Kirschalger instead of Kirchschlager) all the other sources had it correctly
One double CD (Chants d'Auvergne) where Sonata matched only one CD and GD3 got the other. The trouble was that Sontata matched only the single CD edition whereas GD3 matched the other CD to the double CD edition which I had to correct by hand. Furthermore Sonata had replaced all the accented characters in the track titles, of which there were a lot, by spaces making its data pretty much unusable.

I would really like to see GD3 and Sonata as separate data matches so one can chose the most appropriate