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Thread: multiple errors on almost perfect cd

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    multiple errors on almost perfect cd

    Recently when ripping cd's I have been getting the message 'error cd ripped insecurely'
    the cd I am ripping today looks almost perfect.
    I can play it on my Arcam CD player without problems.
    Almost every track is coming back with this error message.
    Could the problem be my CD drive? If so, are there any checks I can perform on it?

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    Re: multiple errors on almost perfect cd

    It could be the CD drive, getting a 2nd cheap one is a good idea. There are no realistic tests you can run to determine the CD drive (some might say a CD-R with intentional errors, but in my experience CD-Rs read differently than pressed CDs...)

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    Re: multiple errors on almost perfect cd

    Thanks for the reply.
    The laptop drive is a Matshita UJ850s, would i be best replacing this like for like, or buying a better quality external drive?

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    Re: multiple errors on almost perfect cd

    Buying external is best.

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    Re: multiple errors on almost perfect cd

    If you have enabled C2 error pointers, try to disable it and see if you get the same issue. (Some drives report wrong here.)

    As for external: if you can use eSata, then do that. If you are handy enough to change the internal one, then that is likely better than USB.

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