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Thread: Curious to hear thoughts on odd rip and poor quality results...

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    Curious to hear thoughts on odd rip and poor quality results...

    I ripped an Infected mushroom album which ended up having some corrupted sounding audio, I go back to the log and noticed some tracks were ripped with different pressing offsets and some were not able to be verified with AccurateRip etc...

    Wondering if there is any gleaming reason as to why tracks on the same album would have been ripped differently like this... Shown below is the log... Thx!

    Track 6 seems to be one of the worst with corruption and even has the characteristic sound of a scratch on the disc surface that you hear when you rip without error checking... Track 7 starts with the ticking of a scratch as well.. I'll have to dig up the disc and inspect; I filed it away confidently when I remember seeing all secure tracks and I thought it was a new CD...

    dBpoweramp Release 14.2 Digital Audio Extraction Log from Friday, July 20, 2012 05:44 PM

    Drive & Settings

    Ripping with drive 'D: [MATSHITA - DVD+-RW UJ-875S ]', Drive offset: 102, Overread Lead-in/out: No
    AccurateRip: Active, Using C2: No, Cache: 1024 KB, FUA Cache Invalidate: No
    Pass 1 Drive Speed: Max, Pass 2 Drive Speed: Max
    Ultra:: Vary Drive Speed: No, Min Passes: 3, Max Passes: 6, Finish After Clean Passes: 2
    Bad Sector Re-rip:: Drive Speed: Max, Maximum Re-reads: 34

    Encoder: FLAC -compression-level-8 -verify

    Extraction Log

    Track 1: Ripped LBA 0 to 27415 (6:05) in 0:36. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\01 Infected Mushroom - Never Mind.flac
    AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 3) [Pass 1]
    CRC32: 8521011E AccurateRip CRC: 6723E891 [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-1]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 3 [CRCv2 6723e891], Using Pressing Offset +66

    Track 2: Ripped LBA 27415 to 55941 (6:20) in 0:33. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\02 Infected Mushroom - Nothing to Say.flac
    AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 3) [Pass 1]
    CRC32: 92EDEAD8 AccurateRip CRC: BEBF09D6 [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-2]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 3 [CRCv2 bebf09d6], Using Pressing Offset +66

    Track 3: Ripped LBA 55941 to 89110 (7:22) in 2:57. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\03 Infected Mushroom - Send Me an Angel.flac
    Secure [Pass 1 & 2, Ultra 1 to 3]
    CRC32: E8AF3AE2 AccurateRip CRC: B91AE98E (CRCv2) [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-3]

    Track 4: Ripped LBA 89110 to 109940 (4:37) in 1:42. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\04 Infected Mushroom - U R So ****ed.flac
    Secure [Pass 1 & 2, Ultra 1 to 3]
    CRC32: 6B8493F0 AccurateRip CRC: 703D4C78 (CRCv2) [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-4]

    Track 5: Ripped LBA 109940 to 144001 (7:34) in 2:36. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\05 Infected Mushroom - The Rat.flac
    Secure [Pass 1 & 2, Ultra 1 to 3]
    CRC32: 7979BC7A AccurateRip CRC: A9106114 (CRCv2) [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-5]

    Track 6: Ripped LBA 144001 to 175293 (6:57) in 2:13. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\06 Infected Mushroom - Nation of Wusses.flac
    Secure [Pass 1 & 2, Ultra 1 to 3]
    CRC32: 540BEC17 AccurateRip CRC: 1B0B6FA7 (CRCv2) [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-6]

    Track 7: Ripped LBA 175293 to 190311 (3:20) in 1:01. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\07 Infected Mushroom - Wanted to.flac
    Secure [Pass 1 & 2, Ultra 1 to 3]
    CRC32: BE093006 AccurateRip CRC: 3640D0A0 (CRCv2) [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-7]

    Track 8: Ripped LBA 190311 to 220599 (6:43) in 1:58. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\08 Infected Mushroom - Serve My Thirst.flac
    Secure [Pass 1 & 2, Ultra 1 to 3]
    CRC32: CCBE4EB3 AccurateRip CRC: 0050319E (CRCv2) [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-8]

    Track 9: Ripped LBA 220599 to 246352 (5:43) in 1:36. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\09 Infected Mushroom - I Shine.flac
    Secure [Pass 1 & 2, Ultra 1 to 3]
    CRC32: 7CA5F316 AccurateRip CRC: FB00CDEE (CRCv2) [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-9]

    Track 10: Ripped LBA 246352 to 278491 (7:08) in 0:22. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\10 Infected Mushroom - Drum N' Bassa.flac
    AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 3) [Pass 1]
    CRC32: 9FAD0EB6 AccurateRip CRC: DE81AD0C [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-10]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 3 [CRCv2 de81ad0c], Using Pressing Offset +66

    Track 11: Ripped LBA 278491 to 307602 (6:28) in 0:19. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\11 Infected Mushroom - The Pretender.flac
    AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 3) [Pass 1]
    CRC32: F046CD14 AccurateRip CRC: 10091E7D [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-11]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 3 [CRCv2 10091e7d], Using Pressing Offset +66

    Track 12: Ripped LBA 307602 to 355371 (10:36) in 0:30. Filename: \\HUSKYLINK\Owned Music\WIP\Infected Mushroom\Army of Mushrooms\12 Infected Mushroom - The Messenger 2012.flac
    AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 3) [Pass 1]
    CRC32: E22BA427 AccurateRip CRC: 433222B0 [DiscID: 012-0021936a-0139cec2-b012820c-12]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 3 [CRCv2 433222b0], Using Pressing Offset +66


    12 Tracks Ripped: 5 Accurate, 7 Secure
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    Re: Curious to hear thoughts on odd rip and poor quality results...

    Almost certainly the drive lost tracking on the cd between track 9 and 10, the remaining tracks were ripped with an offset.

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    Re: Curious to hear thoughts on odd rip and poor quality results...

    The “Secure” means that there is likely nothing dBpoweramp can improve using this drive. It reads the same signal over and over again, be it right or wrong. (Wrong in this case.)

    I put all those aside to rip with a different drive. If you do, then chances are it will show up with all sorts of errors which makes it look worse than this – that is likely only because it detects and reports better (I bet a drive with C2 error reporting, will flag lots of issues).

    I have re-ripped a few which have scratching sounds. Very few have come through “Accurate”, but some certainly have improved a lot (meaning, getting rid of many of the errors).

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