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Thread: Controlling Asset PnP

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    Question Controlling Asset PnP


    Other than using a Squeezebox (which seems incompatible with everything else in the universe), I am relatively new to streaming audio.

    I recently got a PS Audio PerfectWave DAC II with Bridge, which can accept streamed music at up to 192/24. I have bought dBPA, ripped some music into a new, lossless library, and am wondering about using Asset UPnP to serve music from my PC to the DAC (which are in different parts of the house).

    The DAC itself provides no way of browsing music on the server nor of building and editing a playlist. To do that, I have been using JRiver Music Center, with their "Gizmo" program on my smartphone. That's a rather complicated set of software.

    When using Asset as a server, does that include software to browse music and set up a playlist? Or would I have to use some other software running on Android or a laptop to do that? If so, are there any you recommend?


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    Re: Controlling Asset PnP

    Try Asset Control in the beta section of this forum.

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