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Thread: BUG: installer issues.

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    BUG: installer issues.

    Been running 14.3beta, today installed released version (reference registered).

    Installer finishes with dialog with checkboxes for reboot and view help. If I deselect reboot (because i have some unsaved/unfinished work in another window) the program ignores my choice and schedules the machine for a reboot in 40 secs anyway. Happened both on my W7x64 workstation and on my WinXP ripping machine. In this case no great harm done, just lost the results of a 5 hour run of Perfectunes AccurateRIP.

    BTW there is no great point in launching neither the help viewer nor the dbpoweramp configuration program immediately after installation if you force a reboot 40 seconds later.

    Also, the installer launches the DSPr8 installer, although i already had DSPr9 beta installed. Not sure if the r9 codecs were overwritten or if r8 and r9 wer installed side-by-side.

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    Re: BUG: installer issues.

    We are aware of the issue with the current installer.

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