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Thread: Some minor log file quirks

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    Some minor log file quirks

    This is with Detailed info setting:

    1) When ran on a non-English system (Windows XP SP3 DE) with English log file generation enabled, the first line will have the date in locale-specific format using native German names for weekday and month. This should be in English, too.

    2) The time, on the other hand, is given in p.m. format instead of 24h format, but is missing the p.m. suffix.

    Example for 1+2: "dBpoweramp Release 14.2 Digital Audio Extraction Log from Montag, 2. Juli 2012 10:13" (generated on 22:13)

    3) The Encoder settings section includes the default writepath, not the actual writepath (L:\Music)

    4) The ReplayGain DSP albummode setting is ignored, only track gain has been applied

    Example for 3+4:

    Encoder: FLAC -compression-level-7
    DSP Effects / Actions: -dspeffect1="Audio CD - Hidden Track Silence Removal= -dbsilence={qt}-45{qt} -window={qt}4000{qt}" -dspeffect2="Playlist Writer=-type={qt}m3u{qt} -titles={qt}[title]{qt} -writepath={qt}H:\Eigene Dateien\Eigene Musik\{qt} -filename={qt}00 [artist] - [album]{qt}" -dspeffect3="ReplayGain=-albummode={qt}0{qt}" -dspeffect4="Write metadata file=-xsltfile={qt}{qt} -ext={qt}{qt}"


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    Re: Some minor log file quirks

    Using Multi-Encoder as the encoder?

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