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Thread: Registration retrieval not working

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    Registration retrieval not working

    I have purchased both dBpoweramp r14 and AMG Commercial lookups on the same order. But I have only received registration details for the AMG lookups (which has worked OK). When I use registration retrieval I only see confirmation that my AMG Commercial Lookups Already Assigned. No details are provided on how to activate my dBpoweramp registration. Please advise how I should proceed to activate my dBpoweramp registration.

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    Re: Registration retrieval not working

    There appears to be a bug in the Order Processing system. If you order and pay for two products at the same time, both of which require registration, you only receive registration details for one of them. I now have a time expired trial version of dBpoweramp r14 for which I have paid the registration fee - but I can not register it. It would be nice for someone on Support to answer my query........

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    Re: Registration retrieval not working

    Try sending your details to this email address http://www.dbpoweramp.com/email.htm

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    Da Man
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    Re: Registration retrieval not working

    We emailed you about 2 weeks ago from memory (perhaps our message went in a spam bin), the order number for your dBpoweramp Reference is the AMG order number minus 1.

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