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Thread: Compression, No Compression, Negative Compression?

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    Compression, No Compression, Negative Compression?

    Hi Everyone - I posted this on my site as well and want to post here to reach the most possible people who may be able to help. Thanks for reading.

    I have a weird situation here and I can't figure out what's going on.

    Details: I converted the Mobile Fidelity version of Dark Side Of The Moon to Uncompressed FLAC using dBpoweramp. The first 9 tracks have 3% compression remaining while track 10 has 0% compression like almost every other albums I've converted this way. No matter what I do I can't remove the final 3% compression using FLAC. When converted to WAV and AIFF the compression turns to 0%. Converting these WAV and AIFF files to Uncompressed FLAC only gets me to 3% compression. Back to where I started. Re-ripping doesn't fix the issue nor does stripping the metadata from the tracks.

    An additional piece of information: Tracks from DSOTM 2011 Remaster have up to -25% compression. Yes, negative compression.

    Tracks 1-9 DSOTM (MFSL) = 3% compression.
    Track 10 DSOTM (MFSL) = 0% compression.
    Tracks DSOTM (2011) = Negative Compression.

    Anyone have any idea what's going on or how to get everything to 0%?

    Mobile Fidelity version Track 1 - Speak To Me at 3% compression

    Mobile Fidelity version Track 10 - Eclipse at 0% compression

    2011 Remaster Track 1 - Speak To Me at -25% compression

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    Re: Compression, No Compression, Negative Compression?

    As a test, take the file, copy to somewhere, and remove the ID Tags then look again at it.

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