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Thread: Wav convert to FLAC

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    Wav convert to FLAC

    I'm a new hand.
    How to convert wav file to FLAC ? It does not allow me to do that in 14.2 version.

    Error converting to FLAC, 'N:\Songs\09. Morning.wav' to 'C:\Users\AAA\Desktop\09. morning.flac'
    Error FLAC accepts only PCM audio source. [clEncoder::BeginConversion]

    What can I do now? Where is my mistake

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Wav convert to FLAC

    Your wave file is Floating Point, you need to use a DSP effect 'Bit Depth' and set to 24 bit, note that the file is no longer lossless (it is no longer 32 bit float).

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    Re: Wav convert to FLAC

    Quote Originally Posted by stevenp168 View Post
    Where is my mistake
    It is largely unknown that .wav actually is a container format which can contain a wide range of audio codecs (including even mp3), so you have simply been unlucky to find a rare file which does not behave as pretty much every average user thinks it should. You can find more examples here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAV*WAV...odecs_compared
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    Re: Wav convert to FLAC

    DSP effects seem to only be available in the registered version. If the problem is that the WAV format is 32 bit float, it can be converted to 24 bit WAV format with dBpoweramp by selecting the dropdown list next to "Uncompressed" and selecting "24 bit (DVD)". The 24 bit WAV file can then be converted to FLAC. I process 24 bit FLAC files by converting to 32 bit float WAV with Foobar2000, trim and edit the WAV files with Cool Edit Pro, then convert back to FLAC as described. Foobar2000 can't read the metadata tags stored by Cool Edit Pro and some other programs, but dBpoweramp can. It would really be nice if dBpoweramp could convert 24 bit FLAC to 32 bit float WAV and vice-versa without the Power Pack; it would prevent a lot of user confusion.

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