Hello, sorry for what may be an age old question, but I can't find this topic anywhere.

I'm batch converting a bunch of .flac files to several formats. The files are from well known Hi Res download company, but they don't have their album art named folder.jpg. I'd like to accomplish a couple things.

I can find the place where you name the art jpg in CD Ripper, but not Batch Convertor.

1. I'd like to somehow change that jpg's name to folder.jpg for every album (I have about 60 and I'd rather not do it manually). I'd like to do it in the FLAC format as well, and I've even tried running the converter on the FLAC files, "converting" the to FLAC hoping the program would create the folder.jpg file, but it doesn't.

2. I'd like to get folder.jpg in every format of the album I've converted, i.e., the Apple Lossless version, the Windows Lossles version, etc.

Thanks in advance!