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Thread: Finding converted files in batch mp3 conversion

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    Finding converted files in batch mp3 conversion

    I have done a batch mp3 conversion of all of my music in my itunes library. Since the files originated in itunes, I chose the original file site for the location of the file at the completion of the conversion. I am not finding the converted music in my itunes program. They do appear in dbpoweramp under the itunes file heading, but not in the original program file location. I am trying to doubetwist alot of music for use with my android phone and don't want to initiate that process until I have the mp3 files in itunes...I'm trying to use the ASC slow downer app and need the mp3 format. I'd appreciate any help. I've done this twice with the same result.

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    Re: Finding converted files in batch mp3 conversion

    Have you gone into itunes, selected your music folder and asked it to do a rescan of your music folder library? Just click FILE > ADD FOLDER TO LIBRARY. Then navigate to your itunes music library that contains all these files and select this and click OK to do the scan. Itunes won't re-add the AAC song files that are already there, it skips over those automatically.

    or if it was me, I'd put the new mp3 version in a different directory than my itunes music library, and then I'd do the same as above (FILE > Add folder to library) and add all the mp3 versions to the library.

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