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Thread: Help with getpopupinfo.exe

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    Help with getpopupinfo.exe

    Hi. I've found older resources on this question but not a current response.

    My HD is cycling like crazy. When I go into system processes, I see 10 instances of getpowerupinfo.exe, all cranking like crazy. I see various references on the web to changing a setting within dbpoweramp, but can not find it.

    Can someone advise?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Help with getpopupinfo.exe

    Windows explorer calls getpopup.exe to get audio details for audio tracks in explorer.

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    Re: Help with getpopupinfo.exe

    I am aware of what it does . . . in a 2004 post on this forum (below), it says that one can disable powerupinfo.exe except when you are running dbpoweramp. Is that true?

    June: GetPopUpInfo question
    I'm curious, what does the "GetpopUpInfo" .exe file do ? (it's inside the C:\Program Files\Illustrate\dBpowerAMP folder).

    At times it seems to attach itself to memory so that my CPU is 100% active. I can shut it down by using the Task Manager in Windows 2000, but I can't seem to figure out what starts it running, and why it's there . Thanks

    RESPONSE: 11-05-2002, 04:46 PMdaren
    Hi June,

    It's for the pop-up info (soundfile properties,tags, etc..) that you
    get in Windows Explorer. It can be switched-off in the dMC
    configuration program (from the start menu).
    Just uncheck
    "Pop up info tips in explorer".


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    Re: Help with getpopupinfo.exe

    Yes uncheck all the Windows Explorer integration options and getpopupinfo.exe will not be called.

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    Re: Help with getpopupinfo.exe

    I have this same problem - (sorry for the thread hijack!)
    however, I have disabled the popup in dBpoweramp config, to no avail - I still have 20+ copies of GetPopupInfo.exe running and a lot of HD and network activity. What's going on?

    answered my own post - RTFM. "disable ALL the Windows Explorer integration options" - Duh!
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