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Thread: Batch converter or size limit?

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    Batch converter or size limit?

    Coverted some files fast and reliable at the beginning until I got greedy

    First, I selected ALL the wave files under several different folders. It crashed about in the middle of it and then I restarted it, it appears all 900 songs were converted.

    But I don't see the MP3 files created (try to convert wav to mp 3 files and chose output folder as the original folder).
    The program seems to convert every time I select it from right click, just no mp3 file created.

    Uninstall and reinstalled twice with no improvement.

    This program is listed under Control panel/programs/programs and features at a ridiculous 15.9 GB.

    What program can occupy 16GB in size? Is it a size limit/buffer full that prevented from creating MP 3 file?

    I tried again with batch converter and found files are actually created under the corresponding folders if I view it with batch converter explorer?
    How come it is not visible under regular window explorer? How do I grab/keep those created MP 3 files?

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    Re: Batch converter or size limit?

    There is a List/Rename button on the page where you set the encoder, this will show where the files are going.

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