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Thread: Does Asset 'translate' for Windows Media Player, sending data to an a/v receiver?

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    Apr 2011

    Does Asset 'translate' for Windows Media Player, sending data to an a/v receiver?

    Help. I don’t know if I’m understanding Asset upnp DLNA properly…

    I have many CDs, ripped to Apple Lossless, using dBpoweramp. I want to play these audio files on a new DLNA-compliant Yamaha RX-A2000 a/v receiver. The receiver is currently able to see the PC, and play basic MP3 files from it. It will NOT play Apple Lossless. (Installation of Windows Media Player is required on the PC, in order for the receiver to see it.) WMP will only play certain types of files, Apple Lossless not being one of them.

    So, either I Batch Convert my Apple Lossless files to a high-quality MP3, or, something else… From what I read in these forums, I think Asset may help me.

    Question: Will Asset act as some sort of ‘translator’ that is capable of reading my Apple Lossless files, then somehow passing it off to WMP, where it can be played by the receiver ?


    dBpoweramp, Windows 7 Pro, WMP 12, Yamaha RX-A2000

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    Apr 2011

    Re: Does Asset 'translate' for Windows Media Player, sending data to an a/v receiver?

    Responding to my own post... 24 hours later and a bit of playing around with Asset...

    For all you newbies out there (like me), if you have a new DLNA receiver and you want to make the most of it, download and buy this software !
    It makes life simple. When set up properly it appears inside Windows Media Player in the "Other Libraries" area. In the simple Asset interface, you tell it how to transcode your source to whatever your a/v receiver can handle.
    In my case, I have all CDs ripped to Apple Lossless, which my receiver can't play. I installed Asset, told it to transcode M4A to WAV, and it works flawlessly, and fast, with very flexible options. Terrific program!

    I will be happy to send in my registration fee. Thanks Mr. Spooon !

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