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Thread: Asset UPnP question

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    Asset UPnP question

    Hi all. New member here with a question.
    I'd like to play music files stored on my PC through my A/V system.
    I have a Yamaha RX-V3800 receiver which can receive internet radio, and files from my PC.
    I don't have wireless, as my two computers are right next to each other. They're connected to a Linksys router.
    The A/V receiver is connected to the router with a device Logitech used to sell called the Play Link. It's basically a net extender that uses RF. Two small boxes that communicate with each other via RF. One box connects to the router, the other to the ethernet port on the Yamaha receiver.
    Works great, and internet radio comes in perfectly.
    I'm having a problem with the receiver playing files on the PC. The receiver requires a server, of course, and recommends Microsoft Media Player v.11.
    I have Media Player set up for sharing, etc. For some reason, my receiver just doesn't "see" the files on the PC. I know the Play Link connection is working because internet radio works.
    Anyway, I'd like to know if Asset would do want I want, ie. "serve" my PC files to my receiver.
    The PC is running Windows XP.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Asset UPnP question

    You can try asset, it has a full trial, ether it will work or not.

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    Re: Asset UPnP question

    Does WMP11 see the receiver as a client? If so, is the receiver enabled within WMP11?

    Does your router allow UPnP connections? They may be blocked in the settings.

    Does the PlayLink allow UPnP connections? Even if internet radio works, UPnP may not - you need to check the specs, search the web (google, etc).

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