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Thread: How do I make playlists work?

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    How do I make playlists work?

    Can anyone help me get Playlists working? I have:

    1) Created a text file with absolute paths to some music files.
    2) Saved this with an m3u file extension
    3) Added the folder path where this file is located to the ‘Audio Library’ window and set contains to ‘Playlists’
    4) Restarted Asset

    I am browsing using the “Windows 7” version of Windows Media Player and whilst I can see me albums I do not see this playlist anywhere.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: How do I make playlists work?

    Windows media player cannot see the playlists as it does not allow brosing by the tree asset gives out

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    Re: How do I make playlists work?

    Thanks for the near instant reply.

    Is there an alternative client DNLA client for Windows out there that can see playlists?

    What is achieved by adding a sub-node to the folders node? (More generally what is this tree and its nodes used for?)

    (My first thoughts after buying Asset:
    1) It's good. It works.
    2) I'd happily pay a higher price in order to be able to download a *proper* manual.)

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    Re: How do I make playlists work?

    There are Asset Control (control point, in the beta section of forum) and dBpoweramp Renaissance (player also in beta section of forum)

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