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Thread: Play/Pause not working with Denon AVR4311

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    Re: Play/Pause not working with Denon AVR4311

    I have upgraded the Marantz NA7004 with the Airplay firmware and after that the pause command has worked correctly ..

    Note: Even with the latest standard firmware (2nd upgrade since the original firmware) the pause was not worked so the Airplay firmware seems to be much better tested.

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    Re: Play/Pause not working with Denon AVR4311

    Quote Originally Posted by IrishPub View Post
    Somewhat off topic, but since you guys are discussing FLAC file playback with the Denon AVR4311, I have a related question that you can probably answer: Does the Denon display album art from the FLAC files via its video output? In other words, can you see the artwork on the TV?
    yes, sure, it will display album artwork - although there seems to be a limit to 300x300 pixels

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