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Thread: Any point above 320 on iPOD

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    Any point above 320 on iPOD

    My FLAC collection is growing and growing and I've now run out of space on my Ipod Touch.

    Currently I use dMC to go from FLAC to MP3 (128).

    I am thinking of getting the old school Ipod Classic and then going from FLAC to 320 MP3.


    a) Is there any point going above this? (Ipod only ever used in the car - Japanese built in hifi) or with a pair of BOSE Quietcomfort 3.

    b) Should I even bother going from 128 to 320?

    Views? Thoughts?

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    Re: Any point above 320 on iPOD

    1) Above 320mp3? Not unless you want to consider going to m4a, which I would recommend.
    2) IMO, very much so, yes, though this depends on personal taste.

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