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Thread: Force WMA Lossless to .flac

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    Oct 2009

    Force WMA Lossless to .flac

    Just got Asset and it works really well. I have about TB of WMA lossless audio wireless streaming to the Oppo 95. I'm currently forcing the WMA files to LPCM since the oppo does not directly support WMA lossless.

    All is working well except for 24bit 96 WMA files, those files can stutter when playing back. I'm pretty sure this is a bandwidth issue since I'm playing them on a wireless network.

    So I'm thinking forcing WMA to .flac might make for a smaller amount of data to be transfered. I cannot run an ethernet cable at this time.

    I have tried to set the oppo player in asset to


    but this did not work, what is the proper command for this or is this possible?

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    Re: Force WMA Lossless to .flac

    Asset cannot encode to FLAC

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