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Configure dMC to convert MIDI to WAVE:
1. Open dMC Auxiliary Input.
2. Click "Options".
This opens the "dMC - Options" window.
3. Under "Input Source", click the "Select" button.
4. This opens the "Recording Control" window.
5. Under "Stereo Mix", put a "check" in the "Select" box @ the bottom.
6. Under "Stereo Mix", move the slider 3/4 the way up.
7. ALL other choices are NOT checked.
8. X out of the "Recording Control" window.
9. Click the "OK" button on the "dMC - Options" window.
10. You are now back @ the Auxiliary Input program.
11. Click on the arrow to the right of "Record" (top-left).
12. Click on "Record to", choose "Wave".
You can convert it later to .mp3.

Set up .midi player to play song:
13. Play a .midi file using your favorite player (I use WinAmp).
14. Go back to dMC Auxiliary Input.
15. Click the "Test Recording Level" button".
16. This opens the "VU Meter" window.
17. Move the slider (the red bar to the right of the speaker horn) to the 5th notch from the left.
18. Click the "End Test" button.
19. Stop the .midi file from playing. Reset it to the beggining of the music.
20. In dMC Auxiliary input, Click the "Record" button (top-left).
21. Click the "Record" button on the recording window that pops up.
22. Play the .midi file.
23. When the song is finished, click the "Record" button again to stop recording.
24. The converted .wave file will be located in the original location as the original .midi file.