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Thread: 'wav' ripping..?

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    'wav' ripping..?

    Hi all,

    Recently bought a Logitech Squeezebox Duet, having problems finding cd's I've ripped etc via Windows Media Player, I've ripped in 'wav' lossless format.

    I'm just about to download/buy dbpoweramp, can I rip cd's in 'wav' format for BEST audio quality via dbpoweramp? I've a serious hi-fi system and I need the best lossless format for end result etc....

    I appreciate any advice, I'm new to this so please go gentle!


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    Re: 'wav' ripping..?

    You can rip to wave, dBpoweramp will ID tag these files but I am not sure squeezecenter will read those tags. You might be better ripping to FLAC which is lossless also.

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