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Thread: free form search possible?

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    free form search possible?

    Hi Spoon -
    I am a beta tester for PS Audio's PerfectWave Dac/Bridge and their new app tagNplay. I also have a Linn Akurate DS that I control with ChorusDSHD. I am using the latest beta of Asset UPnP on my WHS.

    In ChorusDSHD there is a free form search window that I can use, for example, if I click on album artist and then "all album artists", I can type in an artist and see all albums tagged that way. Same goes for "tracks", "artist", etc...keyword search works if I click on the "all option"

    I also get the option of the "Advanced Search" items (album by release, album by artist, compilation, etc.)

    With tagNplay, I have the "advanced search" items, but not the ability to do a similar free form search as I can on ChorusDSHD.

    PSA is saying that this is a limitation of Asset UPnP, which seems weird to me since I can do this search with ChorusDSHD.

    Your thoughts?


    Seattle, WA

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    Re: free form search possible?

    There are different ways of doing search, Chorus must be reading all the entries and doing the search its self, whilst PSA must be doing a UPnP Search which as they correctly state is not currently implemented in Asset.

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