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It is likely there is an incompatibility between the Denon and Netgear UPnP server (nothing to do with the WD drive).

I donít why but I decided to drill down a little deeper into the NetGear product support pages and found that this router and I think all their routers, have a USB compatibility issue.
It reads for example, that some USB drives which require software to be loaded onto a PC or are password protected will NOT work with WNDR3700.
Although not on their black or white lists a call to their technical support confirmed that the compatibility issue extends to any drive over 1TB whether a USB or network (Ethernet) drive.

@ Spoon. In a way you were on the right track! So thanks for your help.

Pity there was nothing about the limitation on the product overview and specification pages! Nonetheless, good thing I found this out BEFORE I sprang for a new 4TB WE2 drive!
So the solution for me will I think be to make do with the ME drive and a local USB connection to my notebook and server software until such time as NetGear bring out a firmware to allow drives larger than 1TB.