I've been using Batch Converter for long time without any issues. I upgraded my home PC to iCore7 860, 4GB RAM, W7-64bit.

I'm using following setup:
- MusicConverter R13.4 Reference
- MultiEncoder (v3 probably) with MultiCPU check
- DSP Effect: Multi-CPU Force (4cores Non-ally)
- source is ALAC on mapped network disk
- target on local drive: Lame VBR 170kbit and AAC (Nero 1.5.1) VBR 170kbit

Conversion crashed several time (each trial) after approx 2900 files finished. It's not because some specific file, because I unmarked finished and continued with my collection and it crash again after 2900 files finished. C++ Library crashed with message "Unexpected termination ...". I'll create screenshot and paste it here somehow.