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Thread: Cannot see metadata for .M4A files in Windows 7

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    Unhappy Cannot see metadata for .M4A files in Windows 7

    Hi everyone

    Since upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 (32-bit) I can no-longer see any metadata for my M4A (AAC) format files in dBpoweramp.

    The Audio Properties and ID-Tag property panels show no information, however the Details tab built-into Windows does. The
    information has clearly not been lost: uploading a file onto my iPod also
    shows all data is still there.

    The issue does not exist for any MP3 files, however. I see their metadata
    in both the Windows and dBpoweramp panels.

    Any idea what's happened?

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    Re: Cannot see metadata for .M4A files in Windows 7

    Reinstall the dbpoweramp m4a codec.

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