I have this strange issue with DBpoweramp. If i rip a CD to WAV using dbpoweramp and then i rip it again using EAC. Then i make md5 hashes of the files using "Exact file". I then rerun "Exact File" and check the hashes. The files ripped using EAC always match their hashes, 50 out of 50 tests for each track. One file ripped using DBpoweramp changes its hash value 18 times out of 50. Both Rips were confirmed as acurate using accurarip in the respective programs.

I thought prehaps this was a fluke so i deleted all the files and reperformed the rips again in EAC and DBpoweramp, then recreated the md5 hashes and rechecked them 50 times per track. One file ripped through dbpoweramp always seems to change its hash value and then change back randomly. I used the WAV comparer in EAC to check this and sometimes it does say that the file does not match in a small section. This is driving me mad. I want to use DBpoweramp but this has shaken my confidence in it.

Just to be sure that the MD5 program i am using is not faulty, i ran the tests for the 3rd time using MD5summer. Exactly the same results. The file that fails is always differant (was track12, then track6, now track3). Just for info, i have run a memtest on my PC in case it was dodgy ram, but after 5 hours of tests it all passes. Im using windows 7 64bit with 8gb ram. Please help, or point out any noob errors im commiting. Cheers