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Thread: basic questions about ripping for Linn DS set up

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    basic questions about ripping for Linn DS set up

    I'm new to this and not very sophisticated. My goal is to rip lossless files from my CD collection so that I can play it back on my Linn DS.

    My challenge is to get the ripped data on to my external network hard drive. Currently, I am using SongBook software via my iTouch to control the music that is on this hard drive (someone else downloaded the music to it, I don't know if they are FLAC or ALAC). I make my selections on the iTouch which then "speaks" to the network hard drive wirelessly which then sends the music via ethernet cable to the Linn DS.

    With DB installed, I ripped a Radiohead CD which ended up on my laptop's C: drive as a FLAC file, which, when I click on a track to play it, opens up in VLC.

    1) how do I change where the rip is automatically saved? I don't want to save it to my C drive, I want it to go to my external drive directly. I can't see where on the DB Configuration section to do this.

    2) considering I'm using SongBook to trigger my external drive, should I be using FLAC or ALAC or does it not matter? Remember, I'm only using the iTouch to control the external drive; the data doesn't sit on my iTouch nor is it played back on my iTouch.

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: basic questions about ripping for Linn DS set up

    FLAC is best for your usage.

    You can change to saved location in the lower left of CD ripper, where it says path choose set and browse to your network drive.

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