I have a large collection to rip and want all the music in place before I mortgage my soul to get a Linn DS. I can build a PC with upto 6 drives for ripping and can use whatever motherboard is best for the job.

First question is does the software separate quad core processors into 4 processors to select? It seems to from the screen shots, but wanted clarification.

Second: What is the best processor for the job. In practical terms what is the maximum number of drives supportable for best speed of ripping overall. (No poitn in adding another if all it does is slow the rest down)

I imagine the bottleneck will be the writing of the FLAC files, so thought I would stripe 2xSATA drives.

Third: I saw the recommendation for Teac DW2245L drives, but dammned if I can find them for sale anywhere? Any ideas?

Many thanks