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Thread: CD Spec vs Ripper Configuration

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    Re: CD Spec vs Ripper Configuration

    Just a note to say I have found this thread absorbing and revealing. Thanks to all.

    I am in the process of putting together the "ideal" computer for ripping large numbers of CDs in advance of my purchasing a Linn DS. (My Company assembles PCs so that bit is easy) Ripping Speed is only an issue once ultimate quality has been arrived at and my current task is to look at what processor is best with "X" number of drives in the PC for multi ripping. I have 3000 CDs to do, so I am doing the research first, or at least as much as I can. Once we have perfected it, we may offer CD ripping as one of our services, but at this stage it is just a personal endeavour.

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    Re: CD Spec vs Ripper Configuration

    Glad to hear you found my difficult journey into quality ripping useful! FYI, I got my brand new PX-230A from eSaitech in California. Not exactly cheap, as this is now a discontinued model. Mine was actually manufactured way back in late 2004, and was bought in bulk as end-of-line I reckon. But I feel the outlay was justified for a drive that is tailored for CD only, and which definitely does the all important C2 Error Pointers thingy. Still some in stock I believe!

    Good luck with your project... sure is a lot of CD's. Your positive feedback was much appreciated. I find this is an excellent forum with experts who are not slow to share their knowledge and experience of dBpoweramp, which I reckon is a first class application.

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