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Thread: CD-ripper for own CDs - Burst / Secure

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    CD-ripper for own CDs - Burst / Secure

    Hello all

    Over the last few years I have converted
    a number of old audiobooks
    (using my always very reliable Pioneer PDR-609)
    from analog cassette to CD
    and then ripped the resulting CDA to HD using dMc.

    I have just recently upgraded my CD-ripper to version 13.1
    which offers secure ripping.

    When I use the secure mode to rip the CDA,
    it often ends up endlessly re-ripping and I have to cancel.

    The burst mode produces a file but I'm unsure now how good it is.

    For this process I keep AccurateRip disabled.

    Any ideas ?

    Best regards from Ray

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    Re: CD-ripper for own CDs - Burst / Secure

    If a secure rip is not possible, then a burst one is the best you can do (but will potentially have errors).

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