I use dMC reference 13.2 on XP SP3.

Why is the Edit ID Tag shell extension not displaying the correct information?

I have done tests regarding the vorbis comment remapping options in dMC configuration. I have several .flacs ripped with different remapping settings.

By using fb2k and MP3TAG, I can confirm that several vorbis comment fields in my test files do have different field descriptions (for example DISC vs. DISCNUMBER, ALBUM ARTIST vs. ALBUMARTIST), yet the dMC Edit ID Tag shell extension displays all the metadata field names as DISC, ALBUM ARTIST and so forth, always in the "non-remapped" format.

What makes things even more confusing is that I can swear that prior to system reboot I saw the Edit ID Tag and "mouse hovering" shell extensions showing me the remapped names for the vorbis comment field (DISCNUMBER, ALBUMARTIST etc.).